​Finally send large photos via WhatsApp


If you send a photo via WhatsApp and have someone print it at a photo service, you will be disappointed: WhatsApp always produces very poor quality photos. It does that to keep the file size small. This means that the photo is firstly sent quickly and it does not cost too much data. However, sometimes you just want to see a slightly better quality photo. You no longer have to go to WeTransfer for that, because WhatsApp comes with the option to send large photos.

WhatsApp photos

It was introduced some time ago for videos on WhatsApp: the ability to choose the size of the file you send. That option is now also coming to photos, Wabetainfo writes. You can’t very specifically set how many Mb it may be, but you can choose ‘Auto’, ‘Best Quality’ or ‘Data Saver’. It is clear what best quality and data savings mean. Auto is a somewhat strange duck in the bite. It means that WhatsApp chooses based on the footage whether it is going for a large or small file. There is no more clarity about that choice or about the compression.

The feature is not yet available worldwide as it is currently only available in the Android WhatsApp beta (version

Disappearing Videos

WhatsApp is busy updating. Although, there is not always a choice for original new ideas. Sometimes it simply steals a good idea from the competition. For example, WhatsApp is about to launch a possibility to make your photos and videos viewable only once. As soon as you leave the photo or video as a viewer, you can never view it again. Also, the photo would not be saved on your device. This option comes from Snapchat. Another possibility that WhatsApp was working on and that has now been introduced, is being able to speed up voice messages. You can play a voice 1.5 or 2 times as fast, so that it takes you less time to hear what someone has to say.

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