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Our devices are getting better and better attuned to each other. So good, that Google syncs all kinds of information between your different devices. For example, everything you have looked up as a curious person will always move with you when you open another device on which you are logged in. Quickly remove embarrassing search results when you hand a friend your smartphone? This is now possible at the touch of a button.

Google search history

It is very exciting for many people to hand over someone’s phone: what if your mother just asks you a strange question? What if that photo you took of that birthmark suddenly shows up when you open the camera? What if someone wants to type something into Google and then find the search query in the pre-filled answers: ‘I’m in love with my best friend, what now’?

For many of those problems, the only solution is to create a guest account on your phone, or else simply turn on a certain do not disturb mode (and put your crazy photos in a hidden folder). There is now a solution for that issue with those searches in Google. Google has added the option to delete the last 15 minutes of your search history in one go.

Extra protection

Google writes: “If the Web & App Activity setting is turned on, your search history will be saved to your account to enable more personalized experiences across Google services. You can view and delete that search history at any time through My Activity. But maybe you share a device and want to make sure that others who use it can’t go to My Activity and see your search history. Now we’re giving you a way to provide additional protection for the searches stored in your account.”

You have the option to delete the last fifteen minutes of search history only if you’re using Google’s iOS app. A little odd, but the feature isn’t coming to Android until later this year. It is also possible on the desktop, but there you have to auto-delete your history yourself. That is usually done quite quickly, especially if you do it often, but the ‘last 15 minutes’ option of removing it doesn’t work here.

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