​Philips Sneaker Cleaner is a bizarre gadget for your shoes


It hasn’t been widely publicized yet, but Philips has launched a gadget that allows you to polish your sneakers. The Philips Sneaker Cleaner, also known as Philips Sneaker Cleaner, is a kind of oversized electric toothbrush, specially intended to get rid of mud from your Nikes after a festival, or to remove those black stripes that always appear on the first day you she wears on your white Adidasjes appear.

Philips Sneaker Cleaner

In addition to its smart Hue lamps and smart televisions, Philips still makes gadgets for the home, garden and kitchen. Think of baby monitors and wake-up lights. Now a gadget for sneaker wearers has been added, namely the Philips Sneaker Cleaner. The device comes with a few brushes that you have to wet with soap and water. Then you turn it on, and the brush starts to move back and forth at 500 rotations per minute, so much like an electric toothbrush does in miniature.

Now you can in principle also mimic that movement with your hands, but the sneaker cleaner promises to do it extra thoroughly, so that your sneakers look like new again. There are three brushes, depending on what type of material your sneakers are made of. Although the gadget is not expensive with its suggested retail price of 24.99 euros, you can wonder whether this is still a bit expensive. After all, you can do almost the same thing with your hands and a brush. Or you can even really use an electric toothbrush for the hard-to-reach areas.

Gadget for sneaker heads

Philips clearly wants to capitalize on the sneakerhead trend. You can, for example, watch Valerio Zeno’s sneaker documentary about this on Videoland, called Out of the Box. Now collectors won’t think twice about brushing sneaker pairs that cost thousands, but if you have a cheaper pair you want to sell, that brush might just be the difference between a clearly worn pair and near mint condition. At least that’s what Philips wants you to believe in the commercial. Although it is usually the part that you can’t really polish that reveals a few things, namely the sole.

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