​Why Samsung keeps coming up with foldable phones and Apple doesn’t


There are plenty of rumors, we are almost certain that Samsung will release the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 on August 11. A phone that is foldable. Yet you still see few foldable phones in the streets, which is partly because Apple, for example, is not involved with them. Not, or not yet?

Foldable smartphones

Have you noticed that foldable phones are still not exactly in the same price range as the rest of the smartphones? As a result, the devices are not yet fully available to the general public. People think that paying 1,000 euros for a smartphone is already a hefty amount, let alone if those prices rise to 1,500 euros. Moreover, foldable phones are still in a phase where there is plenty of experimentation. It is not for nothing that on average quite a lot of foldable telephones are introduced in rapid succession. For example, Motorola came out with a new foldable variant just half a year after the introduction of the first folding Razr phone.

Samsung may come in August -if the rumors are correct- with a third Galaxy Z Fold. There is still a lot of testing and looking at what works best in terms of design and material. Especially at Samsung, which made very negative headlines with the first foldable phone, which had an extra coating that people thought was a protective film to peel off. Not exactly: many telephone screens -and therefore telephones- became unusable as a result.

little demand

Precisely the fits and starts with which foldable smartphones have come onto the market, ensure that we hear little from Apple in the field of foldable devices. There are still so many snags that Apple does not want to risk its reputation as a reliable tech maker. Moreover, it is also not very clear that people want to use folding phones en masse. Gartner estimated in 2019 that 5 percent of high-end phones would be foldable phones by 2023.

At the same time, there is also a big change going on in the world, which may actually make foldable phones more popular. After all, it is a good hybrid between a tablet and a smartphone. If you’re sitting on the couch, you can perfectly use it on the big screen for video calling, shopping, gaming or streaming, while you fold it and use it as a smartphone when you leave the house. Especially now that we have more video calls than ever, such a folding screen can also ensure that you can do something else during your video call. After all, there is enough space for that on the screen.


Will Apple ever make foldable phones again? The chance is considered small by experts. At the same time, it is also Apple that, for example, only came up with a smartphone with a larger screen in 2014. In short, despite its many innovations in some areas, it prefers to look out of the woods. In the case of folding phones, that has proven very smart so far, but who knows what Samsung’s new Fold will do? The renders that the well-known expert Evan Blass threw into the world, do not yet indicate a very exciting device.

At the same time, if this device has interesting innovations in terms of possibilities or a very low price, the folding telephone can still become a trend. And as we know, there is a very good chance that Apple will come along. For the time being, however, there is no reason to expect this, so will probably be continued in a month’s time.

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