Always park in the city with the electric bike or folding bike


An incredible number of apps and gadgets have been developed to find just that one free parking spot in the city. Or to avoid paying too much – or forget to pay completely and thus collect a fine. Problems that everyone recognizes who sometimes travels by car to the center of a large city. The ‘gadget’ with which you can solve all these problems in one go has of course been invented a long time ago: the electric bicycle. Much praised because it is faster than a regular bicycle and you can easily cover longer distances. Electric bicycles are already very popular. In addition to all the environmental benefits, the fact that you can easily park your bike (almost) anywhere is just as nice. There are, however, a few things you should keep in mind.

Alternatives to the car

A bicycle is of course not always a good alternative to the car. Some distances are even a bit long for an electric bicycle. Here too, an ‘old acquaintance’ on two wheels offers a solution: the (electric) folding bicycle. At a distance from the center you often still park for free in most major cities. Optionally, you can drive there by car and take the folding bike out of the trunk. You can also easily take the folding bike with you on public transport and that is itself free. So that’s how you get to your destination.


There is of course one big advantage that the car has, once you have found that parking spot: safety. Of course your car can be damaged or even stolen, but the chance of that is not very high. Modern cars are also equipped with all kinds of gadgets to prevent theft. The good news: such gadgets are also becoming more and more available for bicycles. If your bicycle is stolen, you can recover the damage through bicycle insurance. E-bikes in particular are generally insured against theft, because they simply represent a higher value.

Which electric bike do you choose?

Every bicycle has different handling characteristics and some are more comfortable than others. Also pay attention to the bicycle handlebars; one handlebar provides more comfort than the other. An M-steering wheel, for example, is a great handlebar for the city. What you can also pay attention to is the rollability when the folding bike is folded. And what is the weight if you have to carry it? The folding city bike often has somewhat larger wheels than the more compact version, but the riding comfort is therefore usually slightly greater. There are also very special folding bikes, such as the mountain bike or racing bike that you can fold. Enough possibilities to avoid the busy car traffic and to be mobile everywhere.

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