Apple rolls out iOS 14.7: MagSafe power bank support for iPhone 12


Have you already ordered a MagSafe power bank for your iPhone 12? Then you first need to install the latest iOS update, version 14.7, which is now available. That update is necessary so that the iPhone will soon also recognize and support the MagSafe power bank.

Wireless power bank

Apple announced the MagSafe power bank for the iPhone a few weeks ago. The first orders will be delivered from this week. At the moment, via the Apple webshop, the expected delivery time is eight to ten days.

As the name suggests, the MagSafe Powerbank is attached to the iPhone via a magnet. Charging is then done wirelessly, with a maximum of 5 Watts of power. So load slowly. The capacity of the power bank is 4000 mAh, good for charging one and a half times. However, with a price tag of 109 euros, it is not exactly cheap. But hey, we’re used to that from so-called ‘i-accessories’, right?

Air quality information

Also new in iOS 14.7 is real-time air quality information. It is displayed in the maps and weather apps. At the bottom right of the maps you now see the current temperature and an indication of the air quality (LKI). That score ranges from 1 (good or excellent) to 11 (very bad). The redder, or more purple, the background of that score, the worse the air in your area is. There is a little more information in the weather app. In addition to the score and color code, a qualification is also displayed, good, moderate, bad and the like.

The air quality data comes from Breezometer. Via that app you can also see which substances cause the most air pollution at any given time. And, useful for anyone with hay fever, the app also provides information about the amount and concentration of (grass) pollen.

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