Are you going to France? Do the sexy Pornhub museum tour


If you are in France, it is worth visiting the city of Paris. The French capital is bursting with museums, of which the Louvre with its Mona Lisa is at the top of the list. Now with even more dots, because Pornhub has now created several interactive art tours that you can do in museums like the Louvre. You mainly come to the naked or sexually tinted works, because yes: it remains Pornhub.

Pornhub museum tour

Pornhub comes up with the craziest things to sell pornography and erotica. For example, it started with remastering old erotic movies, but now it comes with something else cultural. It has created a virtual tour that takes you to the most beautiful nude painting in art history: Classic Nudes.

You can take the tour from home as well as inside the museum. The guide gives you a tour of more than 100 works of art with nudes by means of very beautiful maps. Not only that, because if you’re a fan of Asa Akira, there’s an extra bonus: she recorded the audio guide in a very funny way.

Classic Nudes

To give an example: “In this scene, as the name suggests, you see the birth of the Love Goddess. Like you and me, she was born stark naked, but Venus is special because she is spat out by a gigantic shell. Did you think that shell was a symbol for a WAP (wet ass pussy)? Then you are absolutely right! Ha ha!” said the Japanese porn star.

It’s actually a nice thought: because of all the lockdowns, Pornhub is able to attract a lot more visitors. At the same time, museums have problems getting visitors in, because people remain cautious and restrictive measures apply. Pornhub does its part in promoting museum visits, by providing interactive tours that teach you about the bare buttocks and bare-backed private parts on paintings in the most famous museums. Think of the Louvre, but also the MET, the Uffizi Gallery and the National Gallery of London.

Museums angry

You can call it sympathetic, you can call it clever marketing, but there are also people who call it art exploitation. People threatening legal action because the Louvre and Uffizi have filed a lawsuit against Pornhub. No legal permission has been given to use the works.

In Italy, for example, there is a heritage law that stipulates that the use of museum images for commercial purposes costs money, and that it also requires permission. Pornhub has not asked for it and has not paid it, which can cost the platform dearly. As well-intentioned as Pornhub wants to pack it all, it certainly doesn’t get to the half-empty museums.

Photo credits: Claraundben

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