Automatically back up photos to Dropbox now for free


Have you enabled Google Photos to automatically backup your photos? Handy, but if you use too much space, such a Google subscription is quite expensive. Dropbox comes with a counterpart to this option. It is now also possible for non-paying users to make automatic camera backups.


iPhone owners can now also control exactly how videos and photos are stored in Dropbox. You can then choose a folder where you would like to save the photos. This feature should also come to Android at a later date. You can also delete photos: you can instruct Dropbox to remove a photo from your phone once it’s uploaded.

Previously only paying Dropbox users could use this option, but now also the free members. If you are a Basic user, you can now also use the function. It was immediately adapted, because it performs better and is said to be more reliable. In any case, there are several improvements to Dropbox.

If you prefer to use a different file type, Dropbox can help you with that from now on. You can choose a different format within Dropbox and the software will convert your file. For example, if you want to turn a png into a jpg, you only need to be in Dropbox for that.

Share files in the cloud

The file storage and sharing service also comes with new features within the password manager, such as being able to share passwords. You can now also participate in credit card payments here, making it easier to pay within the browser or via a mobile device.

Dropbox lets you store and share files in the cloud. The Dropbox client uses the Internet to allow different devices to access the documents. The client is based on Python and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. With Dropbox you get 2GB of storage for free, so you can’t store an infinite amount of photos. For 8.25 euros you have a storage capacity of 1TB.

It seems that with this promotion Dropbox is looking even more competition with Google, which is also making all kinds of plans for its Google Photos and Google Drive.

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