Charging your Kona, ID3, Zoe, Leaf or other EV with a Tesla Supercharger? That’s possible soon!


As one of the first major manufacturer of electric cars, Tesla was also one of the first brands to have its own network of fast chargers, the Superchargers. Until now, these were only available to drivers in a Tesla. However, that will change this year, Elon Musk announced on Twitter last night.

Tesla Supercharger network ‘opens’

Musk made the disclosure more or less casually in response to an “angry” tweet from an EV driver who openly questioned why Tesla persists in using its own charging plug and Superchargers that cannot be used by other EV drivers.

Musk replied that Tesla was developing its network of fast chargers, and the connector, at a time when no competition or (international) standard was available. But, Musk said, ‘Later this year, our charging stations will be ‘unlocked’ for charging EVs from other brands.

Outdone by competition

Call it the law of the braking lead. As an innovator, Tesla has now been surpassed by the competition in the field of charging stations. Tesla has approximately 2,700 charging points worldwide, with a total of just over 25,000 Superchargers. By way of comparison, more than 200,000 charging points for EVs have already been installed in Europe alone. Admittedly, not all of these are fast chargers (43kW and more) and there are still places where the search for a fast charger can be a real challenge, such as in the French Alps (my own experience), but with those numbers things go quickly. side. Logical too, because ten providers can switch and expand faster than one.

In America, Tesla still uses its own connector, which means that connectors are needed to charge other electric vehicles on a Tesla Supercharger. In Europe, Tesla uses CCS connectors. These are available (in abundance) at almost every fast charger. In some places, on the other hand, you sometimes see Tesla connectors hanging so that the models with the American connector can also be charged at a FastNed, Shell ReCharge or other charging network.

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