Cinema: “Black Widow revenue 20 million more without Disney+”


Black Widow is the latest Marvel movie to hit theaters. Not only there, because you can also watch Scarlett Johansson’s own superhero flick on Disney+. Much to the chagrin of the American cinema, which claims the film would have grossed 20 million more in theaters if it hadn’t been released on the streaming service right away.

VIP access Disney+

Before you rush to Disney+ to watch the movie, the movie isn’t “free” to watch like the rest of the content. It costs you 21.99 euros for ‘VIP’ access, which basically means that you pay a lot of money for it now, while this film will probably be shown for free in a few months. On the other hand, there is a lot of talk about it now and the always very high-profile Marvel films many people want to see immediately upon release.

Black Widow

The only question is: where? The film did very well at the box office, with ticket sales the first weekend after it came out reaching 80 million. Not bad in itself, but according to the American National Association of Theater Owners, that could have been $92 to 100 million if the film wasn’t already on Disney+. The second week the box office was also a lot worse for the Marvel film, which then grossed just under $26 million, partly due to competition from Fast & Furious 9.

In short, the American cinema organization is not very pleased with the double release of Disney. However, there are many sides to this story. First, it’s nice for people to have the choice of going to the cinema for a great movie experience, or popping popcorn at home and flopping on the couch. It’s good that there is that choice, because people are often still hesitant to go out due to the pandemic.

Cinema vs Disney+

In addition, it can also be a financial consideration. If you would only watch the film, a cinema visit of 13 euros is cheaper than 21.99 euros for the print on Disney+. If you watch it with two people or more (who should all buy cinema tickets), you will soon be a lot more expensive and the choice for Disney + is made sooner. Of course, watching a movie at home is a lot different than in the cinema, but many people are used to visiting others more than pre-corona because of corona.

However, the fact that the film is on Disney+ comes with another problem. This made it easier for Black Widow to be pirated. The film is hugely popular on download sites and as a result, cinema operators and Disney are losing money. Reason enough for the National Association of Theater Owners to let Disney know that it’s not okay with this turn of events and that it would rather see a release in theaters before it hits the streaming service.

It doesn’t think that this “improvised release strategy from the corona crisis is a success for Disney” and is convinced that an exclusive theatrical release brings more returns for all stakeholders. We are curious to see if Disney reacts to this and whether it might adjust its strategy. Movies have already been announced that won’t get an early release on Disney+, so it seems to support the critics’ criticisms.

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