Fingerprint sensors under the screen finally work


The idea of ​​a fingerprint sensor under the screen has been around for years. was working on it , was working on it, everyone was working on it. How surprising is it that is the first with a working that is also for in the store. The Vivo X21 has the sensor under the screen and the first impressions of the , among others from The Verge seem to indicate that it all works fine.

As you can see in their test it is a matter of touching and starting with the sensor. It seems to be slightly slower than the sensors in other phones, but it does work. Interesting detail is that the behind this sensor only works with OLED screens, because your finger is highlighted from the screen side. Traditional LCD screens have a backlight that makes this process difficult.

(image: The Verge)

at the back?

Now that this technology is finally far enough advanced, it would normally mean that just about every smartphone maker would get away with it. It would be weird if this is not a standard option on Android phones, that’s right, but whether Apple still wants a fingerprint sensor under the screen is still the question. They have gone so all-in on Face ID that there is a chance that they would prefer to go further than invest in this technology. Of it is also the question whether Vivo has patents on these sensors, because then it will be more costly for everyone to do this.

The technology has in any case really arrived. Vivo had of course announced a while ago that they would release this phone with this technology, but there is nothing like a test in the longer term to see if the technology really works as well as a manufacturer says. The fact that it can now be categorized as a working feature means that we can again take a look at the ‘we want on every smartphone’ list. Now that completely borderless screen still.