First PlasticRoad cycle path is in Zwolle


The PlasticRoad, the road based on recycled becomes reality. The of Overijssel and the of get the first pilots. In September the first bike path of plastic in is a fact. A few months later, the second bike path follows elsewhere in the . The PlasticRoad concept was launched in 2015 by market leader in road construction at (a ). In 2016, KWS entered into a partnership with Wavin and Total for the further of the PlasticRoad.

The road to the PlasticRoad

The exact location of the two pilots is still under investigation. The bike paths are about 30 meters long. The PlasticRoad is a road made of prefab elements, in which there is a hollow space for cables and pipes and water drainage. In recent years, the PlasticRoad partners KWS, Wavin and Total have worked intensively on the development and testing of the concept. During the tests the focus was mainly on technical level, such as the carrying capacity of the modular PlasticRoad elements, the ideal mix of recycled plastic and the most optimal design of the hollow spaces. In addition, much research has been done into the environmental impact of the concept. At the moment the results are so positive that the first pilots can become reality. These pilots mark an important step for the further development process of the PlasticRoad.


and , creators of the PlasticRoad and working at KWS, explain: “After long designing, testing and further development, we are very proud that our PlasticRoad is really coming. Together with the province of Overijssel and the municipality of Zwolle, as PlasticRoad partners we are taking the step towards a more sustainable world with this first PlasticRoad cycle path. “