Ford makes perfume that smells like fossil fuels


What do almonds, horses and rubber have in common? You don’t have to think long about it, because in principle it’s nothing. Until today. Ford has announced a perfume that smells exactly like that. The combination of those things smells a bit like gas. The fragrance is called Mach-Eau.

Ford perfume

Do you have an electric car and do you miss the smell of burnt fossil fuels? Then Ford has made something that you probably want. You no longer have to drive past gas stations when you have it in the house, because it is a perfume that smells like gas. The scent, Mach-Eau, is specially made for people who buy a Ford Mustang Mach-E GT, according to Ford. That brand-new car ($59,000) is, according to some motorists, enormously embarrassing, because it doesn’t have that real bum it used to be. After all, this car is electric, so there’s no need to simmer.

Nice for our lungs and for our ozone layer, but what if you really miss that fuel air? Ford has come up with something and therefore comes with Mach-Eau, which smells of almonds, rubber and horses. In Europe, Ford conducted a survey that found that 1 in 5 drivers will miss that smell of fuel when they switch to an electric car.


It is mainly a playful promotion by the car manufacturer, because Mach-Eau will not be for sale soon. That’s why it has only made a very specific description of what it smells like. Comes-ie: ”The starting point was to look at the chemicals emitted by car interiors, engines and gasoline. This included benzaldehyde, an almond-like odor given off by car interiors. But also para-cresol, which is essential for creating the rubbery smell of tires.”

But there’s more: “These were blended with ingredients like blue ginger, lavender, geranium and sandalwood to give metallic, smoky and even more rubbery accents. An ‘animal’ element was also thrown into the mix, giving an impression of horses to underline the Mustang heritage.” Also very suitable for horse girls.

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