Good news: Good Girls on Netflix and the many talents of dogs


Welcome to another edition full of good news. And we are looking forward to this week again, because as always there is good news to report. For example, this week we tell you more about the new season of Good Girls on Netflix, we show you the trailer for Dune and the many talents of dogs. Have a nice weekend and a nice week!

New and final season of Good Girls announced

We love the Netflix series Good Girls, but unfortunately the last season is already coming. NBC already broadcast the season in the United States, but canceled a sequel. This comedy drama revolves around three women with money problems. They soon end up in the underworld, because it turns out to be quite lucrative to launder money. The acting is good and we like Beth (Cristina Hendricks), who also immediately starts an affair with a gang member. The fourth and final season will be available on Netflix from August 31.

Attention cat lovers: do you already know Cat People on Netflix?

We’ll stay with Netflix for a while, because you can watch Cat People for some time now. And you want to see that if you are a real cat lover. The pet that is inscrutable, but also immensely loved and provides entertainment. In the series we get to know real closet people and special cats. It looks nice and as a cat lover you just want to look at this. But there is also a deeper meaning behind it: how can we as humans feel a deep connection with these mysterious four-legged friends?

The worst roads in the world

A delightful rant on Twitter about the worst roads in the world that followed after a Briton complained about a bad street. Of course it turns out to be much crazier and one after the other bizarre photo followed in response. In any case, ‘Only in Britain would a road look like this’ is complete nonsense…..

Dogs have talent too

Your dog may have talent! Anyone who knows that skateboarding bulldog knows that dogs can be geniuses too, but now that’s scientifically backed up too. A study from Hungary was published in the journal Scientific Reports that checked whether one dog is really better at something than another. 15 puppies and 19 adult dogs participated in a three-month training program. They had to learn the names of at least two toys. One first, and if the dog seemed to know, it learned the next. After 1, 2 and 3 months, the results were checked, and most dogs turned out to have learned nothing at all. However, there were also seven adult dogs that did learn in three months: between 11 and 37 new game names. Bizarre. Also striking: these were all border collies.

Dune’s new trailer shows a big sandworm

It’s been delayed for so many months, but the hype is still there. Denis Villeneuve’s new film is Dune and will be released on October 22. The all-star cast is ready, according to the new trailer for this sci-fi flick:

Dead Space is getting a remake

The wildly popular sci-fi game Dead Space is getting a remake for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. EA announced this during its EA Play Live event. The game is built from scratch and is therefore not a port. There is no release date for the game yet, but fans are already looking forward to it: the last game in the series was Dead Space 3, which came out in 2013.

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