New music and podcasts on Spotify are now under ‘What’s New’


If you thought Netflix was good at recommending new things, you don’t know Spotify. Spotify is making music more and more personal by opening up new ways to discover music. For example, there is now a new tab called What’s New.

Spotify Wrapped

It’s no coincidence that Spotify’s personal Wrapped year list always focuses on the amount of artists you’ve listened to, but also how many new artists you’ve discovered. Spotify takes great pride in introducing new, up-and-coming artists to new audiences or introducing old hands to new fans. No wonder it’s only looking for more opportunities to do that.

In the iOS app it is now possible to go to What’s New. Spotify writes: “Spotify offers an opportunity every day to discover something new, whether that’s an emerging artist on your Discover Weekly or a podcast that has piqued your interest. As shared on Stream On in February, over 50,000 hours of content are uploaded to Spotify every day.”

What’s New

“So we know it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with the latest releases from your favorite creators, so today we’re launching another way to discover new music and podcasts you love with What’s New, a feed that shows all the new releases collects from the artists and shows you follow on Spotify.”

All you have to do is press the bell in the top right and you’ll see what’s new on Spotify that day, sorted by what you like. You do need to follow artists to make sure they show up on your What’s New feed. The great thing is that it’s uploaded in real time, so if you’re waiting for another Frank Ocean album to be teased for months, now all you have to do is hit Spotify’s bell every once in a while to see if it’s already here. (okay, okay, unless Mr. Ocean chooses to only release it on YouTube or Apple Music of course).

The bell is ringing

You don’t even have to actively press the bell: a blue dot indicates whether new episodes of podcasts or songs have been added since you last watched. There are also filters with which you can easily find specific songs and podcasts. Again: only artists and podcasts you follow will be featured, so it might be worth digging through some Spotify playlists for some new additions. To follow an artist, tap on his name, and in his profile under the ball with his photo you will see ‘follow’. Tap that and you will follow that artist and his music will also appear in the What’s New when it is available.

The new feature will be available to all Spotify users on both iOS and Android in the coming weeks. Curious whether Spotify has correctly estimated the summer hits? Check them out here.

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