Nothing comes with transparent earplugs Nothing Ear (1)


There is a new brand of gadgets on the market, started by people from OnePlus. The brand is called Nothing and the first product is earplugs. Striking earplugs, because Nothing Ear (1) are completely transparent. Even the charging case is transparent, so you can immediately see whether you have put your earbuds back in properly.


The idea of ​​Nothing is that it wants to be very transparent. Literally by making the products transparent, but also by ensuring a seamless link between Nothing products and your smartphone. It therefore does not choose to work with a specific brand: the earbuds can be used on all current phones with Bluetooth.

Nothing believes that consumers are no longer enthusiastic about tech, as we were with the first iPod. It hopes to create that same feeling with its products and is doing so initially with the introduction of Nothing Ear (1), the transparent earplugs. Not that earplugs don’t exist yet, but Nothing wants to make sure they’re so comfortable, that they feel like ‘nothing’ and that it’s about the audio. Sounds a bit contradictory: after all, a lot of work has gone into making the design transparent.


What you think of the appearance is personal. Some people think a transparent design looks cheap, while others appreciate this special look. There are also other choices to be made by a manufacturer, because every part has to look perfect and be symmetrical. A different glue has to be used to ensure that everything remains transparent, while at the same time that glue has to work extremely well and for a long time.

You can see everything, so Nothing can hide anything. As a result, for example, the magnet had to be placed in a different place. At the same time, textures have been applied to make the product look better when the light hits it. Curious which earbuds are left or right? You can’t find an L or R on the Nothings, because you have to go by the suit. The one with a red element is on the right and white is on the left.

Nothing Ear (1)

It has become a must in earplugs these days: noise cancellation. Nothing Ear (1) is trained with 1 million sound combinations to properly recognize the difference between your voice and background noise. It is possible to temporarily switch on the ambient sound by briefly holding your hand on the earplug. With noise cancellation on, the earbuds last 4 to 5 hours, or 25 hours if you occasionally put them in the case for extra charging. Without noise cancellation, you can watch 6.5 hours of listening time or 34 hours with the case, thanks in part to Bluetooth 5.2, which works faster. It is possible to charge the case wirelessly. Ten minutes of charging means you can listen for another hour.

If you have lost your earbuds, you can choose ‘Find my earbuds’ via the Nothing app. They can make a screeching sound so that you can always find them – and separately from each other. Especially because earplugs are quite small, it often happens that you lose sight of them. The app is useful anyway, because it allows you to set which gesture means what. For example, you can choose to have a single tap on your left earbud do something different than a single tap on your right earbud.

Nothing plans to bring more gadgets to the market in the future and possibly even a smartphone. For now, the company will start with Nothing ear (1) earplugs, which will be on sale from Saturday 31 July for 99 euros.

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