Red Dead Redemption 2 apparently also comes to the PC


As if other publishers were not scared enough for Rockstar’s new Red Dead Redemption 2. It is striking how many that normally come out in early November have magically shifted to a date before October 26, scared as everyone is before the new of the makers of GTA. And rightly so, because now it appears that the not only comes to consoles but that RDR2 will also appear on PC.

That is not certain, because the ‘confirmation’ comes from a profile where a says he is working on the game for PS4, One and PC. Until now, the latter was not yet officially announced by Rockstar Games, although it does not seem so far-fetched that a PC version will be released.

That means that Rockstar will sell even more when the game is released at the end of October. The first game in the series was never released on the PC because it was then a lot harder to convert games to another . So there are more than enough PC gamers who have always wanted to play the game and never got that chance. You bet that they are on top to do the second game in the series.

Again, this is not a certainty, although Rockstar would be crazy if they did not. So expect an official announcement of the PC version in the next few weeks.