Snapchat grows and grows: 293 million daily users


293 million people are active on Snapchat every day. Despite competition from Instagram, TikTok and even WhatsApp, the social platform is growing enormously. The second quarter of 2021 shows the growth well: the number of users was 23 percent less in the second quarter of 21.

In the second quarter of 2021, Snapchat saw about 13 million more daily active Snappers. While Instagram, for example, also has many face filters, it is Snapchat that became big with it and still is big with it. You can imagine that: especially now that we are at home more, it is nice to experiment with funny filters, than to send selfies from the same couch every time.


However, Snapchat director Evan Spiegel thinks ending lockdowns is actually helping Snapchat’s popularity. He believes that the app is really made for outdoor use with friends. The more lockdowns end, the more Snapchat action, he expects. However, that is not the only thing that makes the social media app so popular. You can also recently record short videos, making Snapchat look much more like TikTok again.

Snapchat doesn’t make its money by taking out subscriptions, but by showing ads. Partnerships with big brands are especially lucrative for Snapchat. Turnover rose in the second quarter to the equivalent of 834 million euros. That is an increase of 116 percent compared to last year. Snapchat is a publicly traded company and the stock price rose spontaneously from this news: the price shot up 13 percent.


Snapchat does much more than just being a place where people – especially young people – can share movies, videos and messages. It has also released a documentary with Swae Lee, there are all kinds of Discover channels and so it continues to innovate. Profiles on Snapchat have been given a new look, with a 3D version of the profile owner. With this, Snapchat wants to make it possible to better express your feelings. There are as many as 1,200 combos of bodies, facial expressions, backgrounds and gestures possible.

In short, Snapchat is in good shape and Spiegel only expects more from this. Shareholders seem excited too, so we’re excited to see how Snapchat closes out this year.

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