TEDtalks are coming to Clubhouse and you can only hear them there


For exclusive TEDtalks you should be on Clubhouse soon. This live podcast app where you can listen in and sometimes join in discussions has a partnership with TEDtalks, allowing you to listen to TEDtalks here that you can’t (re)listen anywhere else. A specific category has not been chosen per se, but rather a mixture of subjects.

Thank Your Ass Off

The first conversation is already planned, namely Thank Your Ass Off. This room goes live today on July 12th and then goes live every week at 5:00 PM on Mondays. The intention is that more and more rooms will be added on different days, but this first one will remain in existence all summer anyway. Probably after that too.

TEDtalks on Clubhouse

TEDtalks is an investment for Clubhouse to ensure that all copycats that pop up don’t get a chance. It therefore does not require a committee from TED. TED can also choose to work with other brands or use advertisements in its rooms. If you’re used to watching TEDtalks in video form, like these great tech TEDtalks, you’ll have to get used to it. It will also be a bit different for the speakers, because unlike just transmitting, Clubhouse is already a bit more transmitting and receiving.

TED has started an Audio Collective since February, because of course there are few or no events anymore. In addition, podcasts are extremely popular. TED Talks Daily was the second most popular show on Spotify in 2020. The Audio Collective’s shows are wildly popular, sometimes being downloaded 1.6 million times a day.


Speaking of Spotify, it’s obviously a missed opportunity that TED has teamed up with Clubhouse. The streaming service itself has just launched Greenroom, the answer to Clubhouse. Meanwhile, in terms of interesting collaborations, it is also overtaken by Twitter, which has managed to bind the NFL with its Clubhouse copy Spaces.

We hope that Clubhouse and TED together will give us interesting insights, something TEDtalks have been doing since the beginning. For example, throughout this article we’ve added a few very popular TEDtalks that we’d love to hear more about on the new social media service.

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