These are the reasons to choose the new Samsung Galaxy A22


Is it time for a new smartphone, but you don’t know where to start looking? Nowadays there are so many different models on the market that you can no longer see the wood for the trees.

Therefore, check with yourself what is important to you. If you don’t feel like waiting for your page to finally load, choose a smartphone with fast software and a 5G network. Do you want to watch your favorite films and series in razor-sharp detail? Then go for a large screen of high quality.

But most of all, you want all of that, right? Believe it or not: you can if you choose the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G. And that for a low price. Not convinced yet? Below you can read in which ways the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G is better than its predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy A22 5G vs. Samsung Galaxy A21s

As the successor to the Samsung Galaxy A21s, the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G has undergone a number of improvements. And the good news is: you can take advantage of this for only two bucks more. Still unsure about your choice? Then compare these models with each other.

  • Fast, faster, fastest

  • As the name suggests, Samsung’s newest member has a 5G network. Although that does not provide much extra speed at the moment, that will certainly change soon. In addition, the processor of the Galaxy A22 is a lot faster and therefore even nicer to use than its predecessor.

  • Bigger and sharper image

  • In addition to being faster, the Samsung Galaxy A22 is also larger. If you are now the proud owner of a Galaxy A21s, then your Samsung A21s case will unfortunately not fit. But that is doubly compensated by the improved image quality of the Galaxy A22. This is because this has a higher resolution and image refresh rate, so that images are not only sharper, but also merge into each other much more smoothly.

  • android 11 vs. Android 10

  • Once in a while your smartphone needs an update. Now that is basically so, but the older your device gets, the less those updates are supported. With this, providers try to encourage you to buy a new smartphone, so that you can pull your wallet again. If that’s not what you’re looking for, it’s best to choose the Samsung Galaxy A22. While the Galaxy A21s still has Android 10, the Galaxy A22 already runs on Android 11. Do you want your smartphone to last a really long time? Then ensure good protection by means of a sturdy Samsung A22 (5G) case.

    But… Every advantage has its disadvantage. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy A22, that is the camera. Compared to its predecessor, it is less sharp, but still fine for shooting some nice holiday snaps. All in all, a nice addition!

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