Twitter wants to add dislike button to tweets


Twitter is testing it out when it comes to the response option on Twitter. It once looked at multiple response options like you see on Facebook, but now it’s also testing something completely different. Instead of the heart to indicate that you like a post, there might be a button that lets you indicate that you don’t like it very much: the dislike button.


The question is whether the heart will then continue to exist, because the dislike button is actually also a like button. It’s a thumbs up or down. That sounds a lot like Facebook, which almost claimed the thumbs up like it made up this whole gesture. On the other hand, this is such a universal way of showing you’re okay with something, it makes sense that Twitter wouldn’t try to reinvent the wheel here.


At least, it doesn’t make sense either, because there are two options: you either get a thumbs up and down, or an arrow up and down. The latter would be more original, but it can also seem like you can move Tweets on your timeline with it. That is how arrows work in many IT applications. Wouldn’t Twitter have been better off opting for a happy smiley and a smiley with drooping mouth corners?

We’ll have to wait and see if Twitter goes ahead with this plan at all. It will first test the possibility among a number of Twitter users with iOS as the operating system. Being able to like and therefore also dislike Tweets does raise questions. Will we soon be able to influence the algorithm, for example, by being able to indicate in this way when we cannot appreciate a Tweet? Are these Tweets then placed higher or shown elsewhere, or not? Twitter has not yet made any statements about this. In any case, it is currently not possible for the sender of the Tweet to see how people have rated the Tweet.

Tweetdeck and Fleets

Twitter is doing a lot of innovation. Likewise, it plans to tweak Tweetdeck and possibly even come with a paid subscription. In addition, it sometimes abandons plans, even if they had already been implemented. For example, Twitter says goodbye to Fleets, the ‘Story’ option of the social medium.

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