What does Netflix want to do with games?


It’s big news: Netflix has hired someone who previously worked at EA and Oculus. Of course, that fits exactly in line with a rumor that has been circulating about the streaming service for some time, namely that it does have ears for success in the game world. No wonder, because the game industry was worth 90 billion dollars in 2020. At the same time, the question arises: what exactly does Netflix want with it?

Mike Verdu to Netflix

Bloomberg writes that Netflix has hired Mike Verdu, who has worked on all kinds of wildly popular games, including The Sims and Plants vs Zombies. Again, this news does not come first-hand, but via the via. Netflix is ​​still tight-lipped about its plans for games. That is why we can still speculate. There are many possibilities, but we will highlight three of them.

Create more interactive movies and series

Although the Black Mirror series is better than the movie, Bandersnatch, that movie was interesting because of the interactive possibilities. You chose which decision your character made, each with a different result than if you had chosen the other option. Sometimes even resulting in the death of your character. It does require a somewhat different way of watching movies, but at the same time it is very special: a game in which you don’t have to be constantly on the edge of your seat, but in which you still have influence on the story. We haven’t had any interactive adventures on Netflix in a while, so could it be working on a better version of this?

Set up your own game streaming service

We are here for more interactive series on Netflix, but at the same time we expect more from the streaming service. We are seeing more and more cloud gaming initiatives in the gaming industry, such as Xcloud, Stadia, and Nvidia Shield. It would be very obvious that Netflix would do something similar. After all, cloud gaming services are often referred to as ‘the Netflix of gaming’. How cool would it be if Netflix itself was called the Netflix of gaming? Would it then set up a completely separate service, or add more gaming capabilities to the existing Netflix app? We are very curious what Netflix will come up with, because if we can use something well, it is a strong algorithm to tell which games suit us best. Then only a few game services do and can currently do.

Starting your own game studio

Your own Netflix game streaming service could be great, but aren’t we all thinking too big? Maybe Netflix wants to dig a little deeper first to determine if it wants to venture into this rather idiosyncratic world of video games. Wouldn’t it first like to start with a studio that makes its own games, perhaps for mobile devices? From there, it can take an even closer look at the gaming industry and make bigger plans. Netflix had previously made a successful mobile game out of Stranger Things with an external game studio and perhaps that success leaves you wanting more. Netflix has so many great movies and series that have sometimes even become iconic, that it may want to make its own games based on them.

What Netflix will do remains exciting for a while, but it should be clear on its job site: it wants to expand its game team.

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