WhatsApp: you can now join ongoing group conversations


If a group conversation within WhatsApp has started, you could normally no longer participate in it. However, that is about to change. Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg has announced that WhatsApp is now rolling out the capability.

Group conversations on WhatsApp

Many people have a love-hate relationship with group conversations within WhatsApp. Some groups are too busy, or share things you don’t always want. At the same time, they offer a lot of fun, an easy way to meet and a convenient way to discuss things without everyone having to call in at the same time. Although: WhatsApp also makes it possible to have a video call with an entire group at once.

WhatsApp has a new function, because as long as the conversation is ongoing, you can now go in and out of the group conversation. That is a big plus, because it allows you to still participate if you have missed the call. The condition is that the conversation must still be ongoing.

Also new is that in the window you can see who is already in the conversation. You can even see who has been invited to join the group. If you don’t have time for a group conversation now, but you will later, you can now also set a temporary rejection via the ‘Ignore’ button.

Group video calling

It is nice that the option is now available, but it is not very innovative. Competitors of WhatsApp have had this for much longer, such as Zoom. Moreover, WhatsApp is also a bit late: we have been tied to our house since the beginning of 2020. Group video calls have also been possible within WhatsApp since early 2020.

For example, many families held an Easter breakfast via WhatsApp video calling during Easter last year. The same applies to the Christmas dinner, which was a rather different affair than usual in December 2020 due to all the corona measures. You can have group video calls with up to 8 people at the same time in WhatsApp.

End-to-end encryption of backups

WhatsApp is trying to keep innovating, because it is currently testing the option among various Android users to also provide the backups of conversations on WhatsApp with end-to-end encryption. That makes it safer to save older conversations, because you are the only one with access to those conversations. It appears to be in the works for iOS as well, so hopefully this feature will be rolled out to both operating systems soon as well.

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