You can now also go to Clubhouse without an invitation


From now on you no longer have to wait for an invitation if you want to start using the audio chat app Clubhouse. The two founders announced this in a blog post this week. At the same time, the new Clubhouse logo was unveiled. With these changes, the beta phase, which Clubhouse was still in since its launch a year ago, is also a thing of the past.

10 million Clubhouse waiting

For everyone who was currently on the waiting list for an invitation to participate, at the moment there are about 10 million, this is of course good news. These are not all added at the same time and automatically. This will be done in phases, but anyone who now manually makes a login request or downloads the app will be admitted immediately. If you are already on the waiting list and you want to activate your new Clubhouse account right now, you can do that by making a new login request yourself.

Clubhouse’s popularity has grown rapidly over the past year. This has been emphasized even more in the past two months. Since the Android version launched in mid-May, the platform alone has welcomed 10 million new users.

“We have removed our waiting list system so that everyone can now participate. If you have a club, you can now share its link everywhere. If you’re a creator with an audience, now you can bring them all in. If you’re hosting a public event, anyone can participate. In short, from now on you can welcome all your friends, classmates, relatives, colleagues and anyone you like to your club,” said Clubhouse co-founder Paul Rohan.

New logo

Along with the end of the beta phase and the end of the invites, Clubhouse has also presented a new logo; a waving hand that has now also become the app icon.

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